Parivarthana has identified the following as a triad whose absence is a critical contributant to the lives and environment of vulnerable communities:

  1. Capacity building and building of New voices and leaders
  2. Information access and use, and
  3. Support services.
  • Parivarthana believes that this triad as a service provision must be built on a permanent infrastructure if the gains made are to be sustained, and if the benefits are to continue to accrue to the second and third generations from these disadvantaged / vulnerable communities.
  • The this project for the vulnerable communities is an articulation of this realization. While the project will offer an immediate package of services, these have also been designed so that new trainings, information use and
  • In effect, while the package of services that the project offers will continue to evolve to reflect the needs of its communities.


The organisation has gained lot of experience on various aspects of development by learning from the people in its working life. The foremost experience is in two aspects- one is managing /administering the rural /community development programmes and another is conceptualizing the strategic interventions required for sustainable development. The organisation started to function with theory of building community awareness on rights of the people and gradually with its experience it is moving towards sustainable development process through eco-centered rural development activities.



The area of the project is Shiralakoppa-surrounding 61 Villages Shikaripura Thaluk, Shimoga Dist, Byadagi & Hirekerur (tqs) of neighbouring dist of Haveri Karnataka. The Accessibility to the area is by road, the nearby Railway station in Shimoga& the nearby Airport in Bangaluru. The project area is about 390 km from Bangaluru.
Soraba & Shikaripura (tqs) in Shimoga District has been identified as one of the backward district in Karnataka according to Najundappa Report & development indices. While agricultural labor households together with the self-employed in agriculture constitute 190 out of 5619 of the Karnataka State rural population.

  • PARIVARTHANA development activities are spread over 59 villages of which 44 villages is in Shimoga district and other 15 villages in Haveri district of Karnataka.
  • The project villages are situated in the semi hill region with an average rainfall about 130-mm/ year. The project villages are located around 15 - 20 kms radius from the nearest small town Shiralakoppa.
  • The target people covered under the project are Lambani, Bhovi, Koracha, Adidravida, Adikarnataka, valmiki, Kurubas, lingayaths and muslims who are weaker sections of the society. The socio - economic conditions of the target groups are far behind of satisfactory level and the project villages are lacking the primary infrastructures.



The aimed project is technically feasible for the reason the proposed activities in the project are suitable for project village's environment and the Right Holders are also capable of handling such activities in rural area to achieve enhanced the GOAL.


On account of awareness training on different concept the empowerment of Right Holders could be achieved in full and they will be made self-resent in their life. As such the project will have it’s own socio-economic viability.


The Right Holders are also interested in obtaining such empowerment concept. The Activities proposed in the project is also conducive to the prevailing environment of project villages.


The Right Holders will have easy social accessibility in generating their own income activities. Hence conducive environment does prevail in the rural village on account of this women empowerment programs.


As this programme is consists of specific direct Right Holders from target SHGs hailing from different project villages and the proposed activities are collective/group activities. Hence collective Co-operation achievements will be maximum limits.


PARIVARTHANA will pay its high tributes for the inspiration Mr. B.J. Prasanna DYC. NYK, Shimoga for his inspiration and support and our due tributes is also due to the various concerned Government departments, financial departments of Nationalized and development Banks, inland donors and abroad supporting agencies. In total the committee cooperation and participation is the time factor for achieving this mass repaid progress in a short duration. The valiant services rendered by the Governing body members, full/part time staff of the organization in association with the experts / Resource persons are also given due cognizance at this juncture. The net work NGO’s services is also Worth for the tributes.


  1. Grant Assistance Award 2007-2008
  2. Swami Vivekananda National Samaj Ratna Award 2007
  3. Kittur Rani Channamma Award 2004-05
  4. Micro Finance Process Excellence Award 2006
  5. India Leader For Tomorrow award 2003
  6. Rajiv Gandhi Environment award 2003 2004
  7. Shadaksharappa & Tara Charities - USA Award 2002
  8. Dist Youth Club Award 1996-97

Events at a Glance

PARIVARTHANA is a registered organization established in the year 1994 having an aim to serve the community in terms of social, economical, education and environment promotional activities and to build a good socially responsible society. It aimed to look for the development of the rural poor, empower them towards their sustainability.