Rural Development Society is working for the development of the people in Shikaripura taluk of Shimoga district. this organisation inception in 04/04/1994, inspiration in the tireless guidance & initiatives of
Mr. B,J,Prasanna District Youth Coordinator of the Nehru Yuva Kendra, MHRD, GoI, Shimoga, under the Ex-NSVs promotional activity for Mr. D.Shankarappa Ex-NSV. To involve the Ex- NSVs in the National Development programmes. Direction and order passed by Dy Director (prog) of NYKS, MHRD, GoI ,New Delhi on 23/11/1993.


A society founded on justice and Peace devoid of all forms of disparities where all people enjoy equal rights and opportunities availing to their favour, their rightful share in the abundantly available resources and thus emerge economically independent and socially dignified.


In order to realize the vision, PARIVARTANA endeavours to optimize the potentials of the marginalized and poor communities in state of vulnerability through their own willful participation and viable measures of organized and planned collective social action to claim, avail and enjoy their rightful share of power, status and resources.


To accomplish the mission, PARIVARTANA strategizes by:

  • Enabling the poor and underprivileged get opened to the realities of life
  • Equipping them with ability to apply their critical consciousness to discover their own inherent potentials
  • Exploring the avenues and opportunities to optimise their potentials with available resources.
  • Empowering them to take charge of their own development, to become masters of their own destiny.


  1. Grant Assistance Award 2007-2008
  2. Swami Vivekananda National Samaj Ratna Award 2007
  3. Kittur Rani Channamma Award 2004-05
  4. Micro Finance Process Excellence Award 2006
  5. India Leader For Tomorrow award 2003
  6. Rajiv Gandhi Environment award 2003 – 2004
  7. Shadaksharappa & Tara Charities - USA Award 2002
  8. ‘Dist Youth Club Award 1996-97

Events at a Glance

PARIVARTHANA is a registered organization established in the year 1994 having an aim to serve the community in terms of social, economical, education and environment promotional activities and to build a good socially responsible society. It aimed to look for the development of the rural poor, empower them towards their sustainability.