The name of the Organization "PARIVARTHANA" literally means "Change" "Change is the rule of Nature" or Evolutionary which is drafted from a book titled "Urge for Social Justice" authored by Mr. Bandi Sudharshana in which the quotes of Bharath Rathna Dr. B.R Ambedkar is cited as reference. Each letter of the organization name is represents the meaning such as
Priority for the poor,
Awareness against social evils,
Rights for the Social Justice,
Integral for liberty,
Volunteer for service,
Activities for Social action,
Recreation for better living.
Training for self sufficiency.
Human resource for development,
Association for participation,
Need based programs and
Anti poverty struggle respectively.

INCEPTION INSPIRATION : The Organization inception inspiration is the tireless guidance and initiatives of Mr.B,J Prasanna the them District Youth Coordinator of Nehru Kendra OF SHIMOGA District in the Karnataka state. The founder and Chief Functionary of the Organization Mr. D. Shankarappa was the postgraduate in MSW and had four years experience in different aspects as National Service Volunteer and who has also underwent the National level training program at Imphal in Manipur state. At the time of tenure completion as NSV during March 1994 he was identified by the above named as an apt candidate to motivate the prevailing Government of policy of motivating the NSV to establish a registered society to facilitate better implementation of development programs. Accordingly this institution is emerged in the year 1994 in the taluk border remote village of Hirejambur as its registered and now administrative office in Shiralakoppa. It is also note worthy to state that this institution is of first in its kind in the state promoted under such policy of the Government. The above inspiration also took care to ensure that the institution accomplishes its programs effectively through his guidance and support and also the architect for laying the broad and strong base foundation which helped this institution to achieve the progress as narrated at infra.

LEGAL STATUS : At present the organization dose have the legal status of society registration under KSSR Act 1960, in position of income tax payment exemption under sections 12/A & 80/G, PAN of IT Act 1961 and also in possession of valid permanent registration under FCRA 1976. KSLSA; 8 / 2004 (Accreditation).registered Under PT Act 1976.

COMMENDATION : For the valiant services achieved by this organization two Governing body members were honored with the best youth award and the organization with the best Youth development award conclusively with the prestigious aboard awards such as,
Grant Assistance Award 2007-2008,
Ministry of Foreign Affairs Govt of JAPAN, Consulate General of Japan ?Chennai. Dt; 31-08-2007.
Swami Vivekananda National Samaj Ratna Award 2007;
Shree Laxmi Institute for women & Rural Development?Dharwad. Dt; 29-12-2007.
Kittur Rani Channamma Award 2004-05; Dept of Women & Child Development, GOK-Bangalore.Dt;08-03-2006.
Micro Finance Process Excellence Award 2006; ABN-AMBRO & PLANET Finance- New Delhi, Dt; 07-04-2007.
India Leader For Tomorrow award 2003; Sir Ratan Tata Trust, Mumbai and Indian Social Services- New Delhi, Dt;12-11-2003.
Rajiv Gandhi Environment award 2003 ? 2004; Ministry of Forest Environment and Ecology, GoK- Bangalore, Dt; 05-06-2003.
Shadaksharappa & Tara Charities - USA Award 2002; Shadaksharappa & Tara Charities-USA, Dt; 01-01-2002.
'Dist Youth Club Award 1996-97;NYKS Dept. of YAS, GoI?Shimoga;Dt;20-01-1998

COMMEMORISATION : PARIVARTHANA will pay its high tributes for the inspiration Mr. B.J. Prasanna DYC. NYK, Shimoga for his inspiration and support and our due tributes is also due to the various concerned Government departments, financial departments of Nationalized and development Banks, inland donors and abroad supporting agencies. In total the committee cooperation and participation is the time factor for achieving this mass repaid progress in a short duration. The valiant services rendered by the Governing body members, full/part time staff of the organization in association with the experts / Resource persons are also given due cognizance at this juncture. The net-work NGO?s serve ices is also worth for the tributes.


  1. Grant Assistance Award 2007-2008
  2. Swami Vivekananda National Samaj Ratna Award 2007
  3. Kittur Rani Channamma Award 2004-05
  4. Micro Finance Process Excellence Award 2006
  5. India Leader For Tomorrow award 2003
  6. Rajiv Gandhi Environment award 2003 – 2004
  7. Shadaksharappa & Tara Charities - USA Award 2002
  8. ‘Dist Youth Club Award 1996-97

Events at a Glance

PARIVARTHANA is a registered organization established in the year 1994 having an aim to serve the community in terms of social, economical, education and environment promotional activities and to build a good socially responsible society. It aimed to look for the development of the rural poor, empower them towards their sustainability.